Sandy Beach near Thorne Bay:

Take a picnic lunch and try to find a sand dollar at low tide at Sandy Beach. This is a great family picnic area where you can build a fire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows.

Cave and Karst Tour:

Pack a lunch and take the 2 hour drive to the North end of POW Island for a USFS guided tour of El Capitan Cave. On the way home stop at Cavern Lake Trail and enjoy your picnic lunch so you can have energy to explore the Beaver Falls Karst Interpretive Trail.

Visit the Organized Village of Kasaan:

Enjoy the beautiful drive to Kasaan where you can take a short walk to the newly restored Longhouse and possibly see a deer on the quiet trail. Save your appetite for the Totem Trail Cafe and enjoy the amazing view while you eat. If the berries are in season you can pick until you’re full.

Craig and Klawock:

There is plenty to do close to the Bed and Breakfast. You can take a nice stroll on the tidal beach next to the house that is abundant with life and always an interesting place to explore. Continue on the Graveyard trail where you can enjoy a lunch or a snack at the picnic table at the end of the trail.

Sunnahae Trail:

Will give you the bird’s eye view of our beautiful coastal town. This challenging trail is definitely worth the effort to see what is at the top.

Local shops:

where you can buy souvenirs and restaurants are worth exploring.

Guided Fishing Charters:

Captain Troy Thain can take you on your quest for Salmon and Halibut to the outer coast where you will likely see sea lions, multiple species of birds, sea otters and humpback whales. Whale-watching and Wildlife Tours also available.


Explore the shorelines of our small islands right in front of the Bed and Breakfast.

Things To Do

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Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce:

Tongass National Forest — Hiking


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